Street Pastors


Project Type:
Support Service

Project for...
Young People

Project Overview:
Coventry Street Pastors work with the night-time economy in the city centre. We seek to listen, care and help those in need or have found themselves in difficulties. With two universities in the city there are thousands of students enjoying the night life, we hope to keep them safe. Around Coventry we are known as the flip flop pastors or the lollipop pastors, because of our habit of giving out lollipops and flip flops to those we meet, an icebreaker, a way of interacting with those we meet, a chance to listen, care and help, to share God’s love of all. We patrol the street between 10pm and 3.00am every Friday and Saturday night, no matter what the weather, accepted by all and welcomed by all. A growing band of Christians who believe that Christ is not in the churches but out on the streets.

Get in touch:
[email protected]