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As part of building partnerships across the city, HOPE Coventry facilitates deeper, more meaningful connections between churches, local people, and other organisations.

Wider connections & support

HOPE Coventry’s role is to support churches, groups, agencies & members of the public with finding the services, solutions, or resources they are seeking. People ask us for anything from policies on governance or where to signpost refugees, to how to publicise a prayer movement, where to donate clothes – and anything else!

Life works better in partnership. HOPE Coventry regularly attends networking events: from national church unity conferences, to local ROC Conversations. We support other geographic areas to create linked networks like ours.

We disseminate key local messages to churches and communities. We’ve been involved in the Coventry Community Messengers scheme, sharing public health messaging.

Leaders’ Lunches

We bring church and Christian leaders in the city together twice a year for Leaders’ Lunches. These are great opportunities to network and discover what is happening in the landscape of churches and organisations across the city.

“It’s great to absorb rather than give out. I discover so much; I can contribute and receive in good measure in the couple of hours’ connection.”

Are you a church or Christian leader in Coventry? We’d love you to join us at the next Leaders’ Lunch!


There is so much happening amongst the churches and Christian initiatives across Coventry.

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Stay up-to-date with news of events and opportunities across the city’s churches and organisations. And you can share some wonderful outreach opportunities with your networks too.