Our purpose is to enable Coventry churches together to transform our city with the love and power of Jesus Christ.

We work through:

Building Partnerships – Through strong partnerships, we work with churches and other organisations to radically transform the city.

Speaking out – Being a collective voice to challenge poverty and injustice. Proclaiming a positive message of hope.

Giving Hope – We serve the people of Coventry by delivering projects that that meet their needs and impact lives.

How we behave:

Christ Centred – Jesus Christ is our foundation and inspiration

Authenticity – Our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values

Generosity – Attitudes and actions that give beyond the expected

Reconciliation – A relational approach that restores and develops whole and fulfilled lives

As One Church – We seek to work together in unity


HOPE Coventry
The Halo Centre, Progress Way,
Binley, Coventry, CV3 2NT
Registered charity number 1155912
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